As a Boy Scout, Jake Ryker swears to an oath that includes "to help other people at all times."

That's what the 17-year-old student was doing when he overcame a bullet to the chest and tackled a gunman who had opened fire in his high school cafeteria in May.For his actions, Ryker on Monday will receive the Boy Scouts of America's highest award for heroism, the Honor Medal with Crossed Palms.

Four others, all Boy Scouts, including Jake's 14-year-old brother, Josh, quickly piled on the alleged gunman, Kip Kinkel. They will receive scouting's second-highest heroism award, the Honor Medal.

It will mark the first time in the 88-year history of the Boy Scouts that five heroism medals have been awarded at one time, said Tim Parker, national spokesman for the Scouts.

Two students died and 22 others were wounded in the May 21 shooting rampage at Thurston High School. Kinkel, 15, also is accused of shooting and killing his parents the day before the cafeteria rampage, and leaving their house rigged with bombs.