Your editorial of July 26, "A sad rejection of world court," concluded with, "Why wouldn't the United States want to join that chorus?"

Many of us are very suspicious of the United Nations, which would administer this new International Criminal Court. President Clinton has appointed David Scheffer as Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues, and he recently stated that a core purpose of it is to "investigate and prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes."Who knows what they will classify as "crimes against humanity"? Why do the editorial writers at this paper pay no attention to the warnings we have been given about the United Nations by President Ezra Taft Benson in his talk at BYU around 1968, "The United Nations Planned Tyranny"?

I have noticed that whenever the United Nations gets involved in a war to bring "peace" that it never ends. Look at Korea, Bosnia and the gulf war. The U.N. violated its own charter in going into Katanga in 1960 uninvited. The U.N. troops slaughtered innocent men, women and children. They bombed churches, schools and hospitals. President Moishe Tshombe appealed to President John F. Kennedy for help. Instead, U.S. planes delivered U.N. weapons and troops.

In Elizabethville, 46 doctors protested the attacks on the Red Cross hospital and ambulance. The United Nations mined the most prosperous country in the Congo. Katanga is now Zaire. History has proven that we cannot trust the U.N. military. We could never trust their courts.

Mary Lindsay

Salt Lake City