THE KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS; "Flying Under the Radar" (Koch/CBuJ) ***

If the songs on the track listing on this "new" Kentucky Headhunters album look familiar, they are. This 15-track release is a compilation of songs that have previously appeared on the band's last three albums. The lone exception is a new version of "Go to Heaven."

The funny thing is, with other hits in general, or in this case, nonhits compilations, the sequencing can become a little tedious. But with "Flying Under the Radar," the song list flows well.

From the guttural southern surf/blues of "Louisiana CoCo" to the sassy remake of Jimmy Reed's "Big Boss Man" to the dance-mix version of Roger Miller's "Chug a Lug," the album holds its weight in Southern boogie blues rock.

The style is more in line with the Marshall Tucker Band, Molly Hatchet and John Mellencamp than Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Other songs to note are the band's reworking of "Midnight Special," the Stoney Cooper piece that found popularity after Credence Clearwater Revival recorded the tune back in 1969, and the Americana rock of "Everyday People," not to be confused with the Sly & the Family Stone ditty.

The slide honky blues of "Love That Woman" and the barroom ballad "Too Much to Lose" are other highlights. Wrapping up the album is the head-bopping "Rock On."

While fans will have a majority of these songs on previous releases, "Flying Under the Radar" is worth its price.

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