Kendra Herrin spent Wednesday night in the intensive-care unit at Primary Children's Medical Center, following a three-hour surgery to remove a partial bowel obstruction.

"It went very well, and the surgeons felt like they were able to take care of the problem," said Laura Winder, a hospital spokeswoman.

Dr. Rebecka Meyer and Dr. Michael Matlak spent a couple of hours removing scar tissue that caused the partial blockage. They also worked on some of the wound left from the marathon surgery Aug. 7 and 8 in which Kendra and her twin, Maliyah, were separated.

The girls, daughters of Jake and Erin Herrin of North Salt Lake, were born joined mid-torso. During the original 26-hour surgery, the eight-surgeon team divided organs including the liver and large intestine, and reconstructed the girls' bladders and pelvises.

Winder said that Kendra "was very stable through the whole surgery."

It's expected she will spend a day or two in intensive care, depending on factors like how strong her breathing is and how long she needs to be on a ventilator, then will move back to a regular room, like Maliyah. Although they've been in separate rooms since leaving intensive-care unit, they spend much of their time together and sometimes sleep in the same bed.

They spent Wednesday morning in the playroom until Kendra left for surgery.

The girls left intensive care last Monday, but Friday, Kendra became ill with the partial bowel obstruction. When days of "careful watching" and withholding oral feedings improved but didn't resolve the blockage, doctors decided a return trip to the operating room was needed.

The blockage was a result of scar tissue that formed following the separation surgery, and Meyers and Matlak were able to break that scar tissue up and reposition Kendra's intestines to prevent a recurrence. They also removed pins that had been placed in her pelvis during the reconstruction, according to Jake Herrin on the family's Web page,

Maliyah continues to heal, but needs a kidney. She was connected to Kendra's kidney by the liver they shared. In a few months, doctors plan to transplant a kidney from her mother.

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