Kendra Herrin is back in the intensive-care unit at Primary Children's Medical Center following surgery Wednesday to fix a partially obstructed bowel.

But her surgeons, Dr. Rebecka Meyers and Dr. Michael Matlak, expect it to be a short stay in intensive care, according to hospital spokeswoman Laura Winder.

"It went very well," she said, adding that Kendra was stable throughout the three-hour surgery.

Kendra and her twin sister Maliyah were born conjoined at mid-torso and were separated in a marathon surgery Aug. 7 and 8. Last Friday, Kendra developed a partial bowel blockage that didn't resolve when doctors stopped her oral feedings.

They spent a couple of hours Wednesday removing the scar tissue that caused the blockage, then revised some of her wounds from the previous surgery and removed pins placed during pelvic reconstruction.

She's expected to be back in her regular hospital room in a day or two.