Kendra Herrin's partial bowel obstruction seems to be resolving on its own, according to Laura Winder, a Primary Children's Medical Center spokeswoman. As it gets smaller, so does the possibility the little girl will require surgery.

Kendra and her twin sister, Maliyah, both 4, were conjoined at the abdomen until surgeons separated them Aug. 7 and 8. Since then, they have been steadily healing, with a few minor bumps, including the obstruction.

When Kendra got sick, doctors stopped feeding her by mouth to give the scar tissue time to resolve. Both girls had been receiving some of their food through feeding tubes even before the problem occurred.

"Maliyah's also had a pretty good and uneventful day, which is good," Winder said Monday.

The girls are the daughters of Jake and Erin Herrin of North Salt Lake. In their blog, Jake noted that the girls passed another milestone: Kendra told Maliyah to go sleep in her own room.

"I thought we'd never hear that. They now have the option and are using it. They both slept pretty well and are being nice today," he wrote.