Kendra and Maliyah Herrin could leave the intensive care unit at Primary Children's Medical Center as early as today.

"They're doing great," Bonnie Midget, hospital spokeswoman, said Sunday evening.

They have also been complication-free for several days, something else that is a consideration in the decision to move them to a regular hospital room. Once they move, they will still be hospitalized for at least a couple of weeks, before going to their home in North Salt Lake.

The twins have been alert, playful at times and have even taken some "field trips" down the hospital hall in wagons. Sunday, they were able to make a brief jaunt outdoors.

The girls, born conjoined at the abdomen, were separated in a 26-hour surgery Aug. 7 and 8. They shared several organs that had to be divided and surgeons reconstructed their pelvic rings.