The long stay in Primary Children's Medical Center's intensive care unit may be nearly over for twins Maliyah and Kendra Herrin.

"They're doing great today," says Bonnie Midget, spokeswoman for the hospital, Friday afternoon. "Everything's going great." She says the twins are getting close to being ready to leave ICU.

The girls, 4, are the daughters of Jake and Erin Herrin of North Salt Lake, who keep a blog updating the girls' condition at On it, they predict a move "probably on Monday," which would mark three weeks since the marathon surgery that separated the girls, who were joined at the abdomen. They shared several organs and each had control of one of their legs.

Both girls are now playing more, although Kendra seems to be healing a little faster than Maliyah. Because they shared access to Kendra's liver, Maliyah has needed dialysis, but their parents report the dialysis schedule will be transitioned to three days a week.

The twins will likely be in the hospital for at least a couple of weeks after they transfer out of the ICU, Midget said.