In Sunday's edition of the Deseret News (Aug. 2), there were at least two letters applauding the American Fork Towne Cinemas for editing "Titanic." One letter, by Jim Birrell, simply labels anyone who may have a question about what the theater did as "liberals." What Mr. Birrell doesn't seem to see or chooses to ignore is that a lot of people who consider themselves conservative also have problems with what was done.

While some local folks may applaud this act of censorship , I wonder how they would feel if, for example, a television station or theater agreed to show an LDS-produced film but because the audience would be primarily of another religious belief, they decide to edit the film to satisfy that group. Having others decide for us what we can and cannot see is always dangerous no matter what your political view may be.The other important issue is that the Towne Cinemas agreed contractually to show the movie as produced. To violate a contractual agreement is legally and morally wrong, no matter what your political, social or religious beliefs might be.

The Towne Cinemas could have made a statement against such movies if they chose by not showing it at all. Many theaters do just that. But I suspect they really wanted the income that this particular movie would generate. And Mr. Birrell and others who feel as he does can make their own moral statement by not attending these kinds of movies. And if they feel they must see the movie, wait for the TV version. The networks get the legal and contractual right to do appropriate editing.

Al Smith

Pleasant Grove