The Guilford County sheriff wants his viewers to get angry when they watch his television show Friday.

He plans to televise animals being euthanized at the county's animal shelter to show what happens when the pet population goes unchecked."It's hard enough we have to do this (put animals to sleep), but the folks at the shelter do it every day," Sheriff B.J. Barnes said. "And it's up to the public to know that spaying and neutering is the only thing that is going to stop this."

The Guilford County Animal Shelter must euthanize 70 percent of the animals it takes in, or about 10,000 animals a year, said Barnes, whose office took over shelter operations in June because of complaints about the shelter and the number of euthanized animals.

About half of Barnes' show on Friday, a weekly 30-minute "Sheriff's Beat" program on community access cable television, will be devoted to animal shelter issues and how the public can get involved, he said.