When are the extremist minorities going to understand? The "closurists" (a k a wilderness advocates) want to close down public access on vast areas of Utah that meet their own definitions. And an even smaller minority would like to develop at will, mining, drilling, logging, etc. without regard to moderation, prudence or other aesthetic values of the area.

Then there is the vast majority of us. We are perhaps the true "environmentalists," most certainly the true conservationists. We promote the preservation of existing areas that legitimately meet Wilderness Act guidelines, the protection of particularly sensitive areas, no new roads in wild and scenic areas, but yet, allow certain development on public lands under strict guidelines and limitations.And, most importantly, allow continued (and responsible) mechanized and motorized access on existing roads, routes and historically used ways on our public lands in Utah. We too should have the right to enjoy a primitive backcountry experience that the "closurists" would prefer to limit to only a handful of citizens.

Bob Norton

Edgewood, N.M.