Par 3

Yardage: 436/Blues; 360/Whites; 348/RedsHandicap: 7/Mens; 6/Ladies

Layout: Slight dogleg left with trees on both sides and lake that juts out near the green. Small, two-tiered, raised green is hard to hit.

History lesson: Meadow Brook opened a new clubhouse this year, replacing the original built in 1953.

Professionally speaking: "The hole has almost changed completely with the new pond that comes into play. You want to favor the right side off the tee - if you pull it left you're dead. There's native grass along the left side and a couple of big trees. The green is the smallest on the course and it's best to be short rather than long." - Mike Borich, head golf pro, Meadow Brook


Off the tee: The key here is keeping your ball on the right side of the fairway, but not too far right or you'll find tree trouble. Go left and you'll have to hit out of deep grass, and clear some large trees as well as hit over the edge of the lake.

2nd shot: Don't go long with your approach to the green because it drops off several feet directly behind the green. It's best to take a club less and try to roll the ball up to the small green.

On the green: The green is two-tiered and only 23 yards from front to back, making for some challenging putts if you end up on a different tier than the pin.