A new law named for a slain baby will allow parents to check a potential nanny's criminal record, if the nanny is willing.

"Kieran's Law," signed Monday by Gov. George Pataki, is named for Kieran Dunne, a baby boy killed in 1993 while his parents were at work by a caregiver who had hidden her criminal past.Pataki said signing the bill was "turning what was a tragedy into something that will help to prevent future tragedy." Hiring a nanny, he said, is "a dilemma, a concern that every working family in this state faces."

The boy's father, David Dunne, said he and his wife, Peggy, fought for the law "to save other families from having to live with the pain that we live with every day."

Under the law, which goes into effect Nov. 3, parents can ask a potential nanny to submit to fingerprinting. The prints will be sent to the state's Division of Criminal Justice Services and to the FBI for a $74 fee. Parents will be notified of criminal convictions and arrests that are serious enough to warrant fingerprinting.