Jim Bakker went to the PTL-owned church during his visit last week to the ministry he founded but was confronted by security officers and ordered to leave, his father said Saturday.

Raleigh "Pa" Bakker, 81, said his son went to the Barn Auditorium, which doubles as Heritage Village Church, on Wednesday, but security guards ordered him to leave. A PTL official, however, said Bakker had gone to a restricted area."The security people gave Jim a bad time when he was here," Raleigh Bakker said. "They got pretty mean. They told him to leave in no uncertain terms, and they didn't use good language either. They didn't cuss or anything, but they didn't show him any respect - not a bit."

Bakker, before last year's resignation from PTL in a sex scandal, was pastor of Heritage Village Church, then part of the Assemblies of God denomination, a strict charismatic order that believes in faith healing, speaking in tongues and prophesy and prohibits such worldly vices as drinking and smoking.