How quickly we forget.

Does anyone remember the old Redwood Restaurant in West Jordan? I do. They used to give away thousands of free meals every Thanksgiving to the less fortunate among us. Every year, I noticed the news people gather around to proclaim the goodness of the owner and his "free" dinner for the homeless. These people were bused in by the thousands to eat a sumptuous complete meal with all the fixins. I wanted to join in and help with the cost of the feast but Chris wouldn't hear anything of it. He wanted to pay back this great land by doing something by himself to make it just a little bit better for the truly poor. Anyone want to know where this good man is now? He runs a little restaurant called Nectors' and is becoming a casualty of the road construction demon.Is it worth anything to anyone besides me to remember so great a human being and possibly even patronize Nectors' instead of the corporate giants who take over everything? Where is the media today? Why not go visit him now, in spite of the construction, and maybe even suggest that people give Nectors' a try? He is at 1025 W. North Temple right across from the southeast corner of the fairgrounds. Maybe the owners of the food giants could eat there once in a while as a diversion. I know they couldn't really enjoy their own fast food all the time. Has the day come when men's hearts have failed them? Come on folks, have a heart - the food is great.

Dave Draper

Salt Lake City