The Cache County Council will support creation of a water conservancy district if a special election is held in February.

The council passed a resolution Tuesday supporting such a district and authorizing County Executive Lynn Lemon to "provide county resources as necessary," including for a special election.Those who favor the district say it is needed to manage Cache Valley's water and to keep Wasatch Front interests from obtaining rights to it. Opponents say similar management could be achieved by forming a special-services district, which they contend would be more ac-count-able.

After Sept. 15, the county council will face another resolution to take the conservancy district issue to a countywide special election in February. All local town councils will also decide on a similar resolution to participate.

During Tuesday's meeting, the resolution to support the district passed by a 5-1 vote. Councilman Craig Petersen said he voted against the resolution because he was not completely versed on the issue. Councilwoman Sarah Ann Skanchy abstained.