There seems to be a lot of hoopla about a letter that Utahns for Choice sent out in an attempt to gather more support through-out the state. People are concerned that they will be added to a pro-choice mailing list. I don't understand the big deal. All they have to do is call to get off the list.

How many credit card solicitations do we all receive where there isn't even a phone number to call? You don't even know who your name has been given to, at least this organization's list is confidential and won't be rented or sold to anyone. I understand what people are saying about not wanting to take time to make a phone call or to send the card back, but at least there is a way to get off the mailing list.What if a person just throws it away and doesn't realize that they will be on this mailing list? What's the worst thing that will happen? They will get more mail. Eventually they might get enough mail that they might open it and read it, then they will either call in support of the organization or call to be removed from the mailing list.

So what are people really so angry about? That they might be mistaken for being "pro-choice" by a small nonprofit organization? Big deal.

Jeff Abrams

Salt Lake City