Rescuers pulled one gold miner to safety, but there was little hope Saturday of saving at least 27 others buried when a maze of crudely dug tunnels and shafts caved in after heavy rains.

The survivor brought to the surface late Friday was taken to a hospital in Dipalog, about 450 miles southeast of Manila. His left leg was so badly injured that doctors had to amputate it, an official said. The survivor was not identified.Benito Tolentino, mayor of the town of Sibutad, told reporters that the cave-in occurred in a network of tunnels on the slopes of Mount Lablab after two days of heavy rain softened the soil.

He said 28 people were working in the area, which is below a 45-foot-deep shaft, when the surface collapsed.

Tolentino said rescuers in Sibutad, about 30 miles from Dipalog, were armed only with picks and shovels and were having difficulty reaching the trapped miners.

He said at least 12 people had been killed in previous cave-ins.