The Anchor Pointe Institute will offer several free seminars to help people empower themselves through a program called "neuro-linguistic programming."

Neurolinguistic programming focuses on how people think, communicate, feel and act, an Anchor Pointe news release said. The goal of the seminars is to help people break through their limitations by understanding their thought and behavior patterns and learning ways to change them.Seminars will be held at Anchor Pointe Institute from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on the following days:

- Aug. 28 - "Detecting the Patterns Within."

- Sept. 11 - "Put Your Mind to It."

- Sept. 18 - "Fundamentals of NLP."

- Oct. 2 - "The Beauty of Personal Evolution."

- Oct. 6 - "Create the Future You Want."

- Nov. 6 - "Finding the Power in SELF."

- Jan. 8 - "Using Hypnosis to Access the Mysteries Within."

- Jan. 15 - "Using NLP to Create Personal Empowerment and Well-being."

- Jan. 26 - "Hypnosis and NLP."

Anchor Pointe Institute is located at 259 S. 500 East. Call 534-1022 or 800-544-6480.