Jason and Shawn Millet, Orem brothers arrested in the drug-related shooting of an Orem woman, have been arraigned in federal court on witness-tampering charges.

Juan and Armando Jiminez, a different set of brothers police have linked to the shooting, were indicted Wednesday on two federal charges.The Millet brothers, who were arraigned Thursday, were arrested in the shooting of Linda Gren, 45, at her Orem condominium on July 12. Gren, a witness in a federal drug investigation, was in the kitchen when an assailant fired at her with a 9mm handgun. She was struck in the shoulder, jaw, wrist and hip and was in satisfactory condition at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Also under federal investigation is Joan Jiminez, 41, arrested as a suspect of conspiracy to commit murder in the Gren shooting.

Police said they believe Jiminez, the wife of Juan Jiminez, 33, hired or conspired with the Millets in the shooting. Juan and his brother, Armando Ortega Jiminez, 29, were arrested during a July drug raid by the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force.

After a monthlong investigation, task force members obtained a search warrant to look inside Gren's Garden Park condo. Although they found little there, they obtained a second search warrant to look inside an Orem storage unit where they seized marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine with a street value of $352,000.

Gren, the Jiminez brothers and others were originally arrested on state charges of drug possession and trafficking. The federal grand jury that met Wednesday handed down a two-count federal indictment against the Jiminez brothers for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana with the intent to distribute and aiding and abetting.

Task force spokesman Steve Clark said it was the biggest marijuana bust in Utah County history. He added he and other investigators believe the drug investigation involved members of a drug trafficking group known as the Mexican Mafia.