Dear Abby: I am a female in my mid-40s, involved with a 50-year-old man. We were co-workers for 10 years, but we no longer work together. Our relationship began before I left the job.

Now that we're seeing more of each other, I'm getting glimpses of a side of him I didn't know existed. His attitude toward women disturbs me. For example, he recently remarked, "I can take getting into an argument with a man better than I can take an argument with a woman." When I asked him why, he retorted, "Because a man is my equal. But to have to listen to a lot of `guff from someone who's a second-class citizen and can never be my equal is ridiculous."Abby, I was shocked. I found his remark offensive to say the least. Now I'm wondering whether this relationship stands a chance. What do you think?

- L.B. in Baltimore

Dear L.B.: An intelligent woman such as you can do far better than a man who thinks you and all other women are second-class citizens. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, and this one will be hard to housebreak.

Dear Abby: I celebrated my 14th birthday last week. I was very happy with all the gifts I received. However, one thing is bothering me. My grandma, whom I love very much, gave me some movie guest passes. Later, I noticed they had all expired.

I have not told Grandma, and I don't know if I should. Please help!

- Not Sure What to Do

Dear Not Sure: I'm not sure either, because I don't know your grandma. Ask your parents. They will know what's best in your case.

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