The Dream Team might not be here for the World Basketball Championship, but The Dream is.

Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon took time out of his summer vacation to drop by Olympic arena and watch his native Nigeria play Australia on Friday night in a preliminary round game."I think the team is playing very well here. We have a lot of size and talent," the Houston Rockets center said. "It's the kind of team that will get better with competition."

Olajuwon worked out with the team Friday morning.

"I was just trying to encourage them," he said.

Nigeria did play its best game of the tournament, but could not stay with Australia and lost 70-64, assuring the Africans no better than a 13th-place finish out of 16 countries.

Olajuwon also had the chance to speak with U.S. coach Rudy Tomjanovich, his boss with the Rockets. The pair won two NBA titles earlier this decade.

The player said it's too bad the NBA labor dispute led to the dumping of the Dream Team's collection of stars.