Sears Optical and Prevent Blindness America have joined forces to sponsor free vision checks at local Sears Optical stores Sunday, Aug. 2.

From noon to 4 p.m., selected Sears Optical stores will offer free vision checks for children and adults to commemorate All American Vision Check Day.The event is an attempt to increase awareness of eye exams and serves as a fund-raiser for Prevent Blindness. Sears and Sears Optical will make a donation to Prevent Blindness for every vision check performed Sunday.

Though a vision check is not the same as a comprehensive eye exam, it is a good measure of a person's sharpness of vision in each eye and indicates when correction is needed.

The test takes about five to seven minutes, and no appointment is necessary. This year, the vision check will be paired with a free makeup consultation at Sears stores with Circle of Beauty cosmetic departments. The consultation will offer tips in applying makeup.

Prevent Blindness offers the following tips when applying make-up for better eye health:

- Always wash and rinse hands before applying eye makeup.

- Keep cosmetics away from extreme temperatures, which can lead to bacteria growth.

- Make sure that makeup applicators and containers are kept clean and in good condition.

- Throw away mascara after about three or four months. Preservatives become less effective after that time.

- Do not share makeup with others.

- Never apply makeup in a moving vehicle.

The following Sears stores are participating in All American Vision Check Day: Murray, 6191 S. State St. #300, 268-5147; West Point Center, 3865 W. 5400 South (Off Bangerter Highway on 5400 South), 967-5665; Salt Lake City, 754 S. State St., 321-4287; Ogden, 1000 Newgate Mall, 393-2111; Provo, 207 N. 100 West, 342-9255.

The Murray, Salt Lake and Ogden stores will also offer makeup consultations.

For more information on All American Vision Check Day or for toll free information on a broad range of eye health and safety issues, contact Prevent Blindness America at 1-800-331-2020, or visit their Web site at (