The German language will have fewer commas and a new, Germanized spelling of ketchup on Saturday, but few are rushing to adopt changes intended to simplify the way the language is written.

Critics complain that the controversial German language reform, which takes effect Saturday, actually makes things more complicated. On Friday, they were pushing to at least delay the implementation of the rules.The German language is notorious for its run-on words, thickets of commas and agonizing capitalization rules. The new rules include separating many strung-together compound words - "remainsitting" becomes "remain sitting" - and introducing Germanized spellings for foreign words, like "ketschup" for "ketchup."

Opponents have scheduled a Sept. 27 state referendum in Schleswig-Holstein. But it's unclear exactly what impact the referendum could have because Ger-ma-ny's highest court on July 14 upheld the government's right to make the changes.