MARJAYOUN - Israeli planes fired rockets at guerrilla routes in southern Lebanon, hours after a roadside bomb killed a pro-Israeli militiaman, Lebanese security officials said.


BUENOS AIRES - Hundreds of Argentine journalists hit by the surprise closure of the daily newspaper Perfil after less than three months occupied the paper in protest.


LONDON - Lloyd's of London won a legal victory that lets it go after $245 million from some 500 investors who lost a fortune in the insurance market but don't want to pay up.

TELFORD - A man was fined for importing videos that featured scantily clad women crushing frogs and other creatures, in the first prosecution of its kind in Britain.


PORT-AU-PRINCE - Police have arrested 10 people for allegedly plotting acts against the government, radio stations reported.


MOGADISHU - Leaders of rival factions have agreed on a plan to provide key services to this war-torn capital, the first such effort since the central government was overthrown seven years ago.


SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS - One of Mexico's most intractable religious disputes has erupted anew with the expulsion of about 70 Protestants from the traditional Indian community of Chamula.

MEXICO CITY - Two U.S. diplomats detained in a remote village in troubled Chiapas state were in the country illegally, the head of Mexico's governing party said in a statement.


TOKYO - Contradicting historical record and his own government, a new minister cast doubt on whether the thousands of Asian women who served as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers during World War II were actually forced into their roles.


HOBART - A research ship limped back to Australia, its engine room blackened by a fire that nearly forced scientists to abandon ship in frigid Antarctic waters.


TEHRAN - Islamic hard-liners protested against a liberal newspaper in the holy city of Qom and in Tehran, where police blocked militants from storming the editor's offices.


LUANDA - A senior U.N. envoy arrived in the Angolan capital on a mission to try to rescue the country's unravelling peace process.


LIMASSOL - Andros Aeroporos, a leading member of a gangland family, was shot to death while leaving a nightclub with a Russian woman, police said.


LASSING - A race against time to reach 10 miners buried deep in an Austrian mine for two weeks came to a halt when the rescuers' drill hit an obstacle, officials said.


KIEV - Archaeologists searching for a medieval cemetery in the northern town of Chernihiv have found a treasure of antique coins preserved in a velvet purse next to the coffin of a noblewoman, a newspaper reported.


KHARTOUM - Torrential rain led to a dam breach that flooded a village in western Sudan, killing 14 people and leaving 450 families homeless, a government-run newspaper reported.