A night of rich blues from all regions of the country found its way to the Snowbird Pavilion Friday night. Delta, Chicago and a lot of urban soul (with a sprinkle of gospel) were on the menu.

By the time this critic arrived, the Kap Brothers set was all done. (Catch you later, guys). However, John Hammond's solo, acoustic set was dynamic, scathing and powerful enough to bring tears to the eyes.His blend of Delta, lonely porch acoustic strums and gut-based mouth harp huffing, drew emotional yelps from the audience.

Hammond's solitary croons and heartbreaking narration was a great balance to Lady Bianca's sassy, soulful stomps.

That brings us to the Lady!

Well, a la James Browne, her band jammed out a couple of tunes that sniffed of funk and gospel. By the time Bianca stepped to her microphone, the audience was primed and ready.

The San-Francisco-based singer - who has performed with Etta James, Bonnie Raitt and John Lee Hooker - belted, crooned and whooped in spiritual adulation as her audience shook their booties. She even invited a few of those bodies on stage at one time.

And the night got better.

After a short delay, Joe Louis Walker entered. Remember that name - Joe Louis Walker.

His reputation has bubbled to the surface in the last couple of years. The guitarist who will soon be 48, wove some droopy-eyed ballads and some searing riffs.

His show was much worth the wait, even in the cold.

As for Jazz Night on Saturday, the line-up features the Wasatch All-Star Band, Jeanie and Jimmy Cheatham with the Sweet Baby Blues Band, Freddy Cole and vibraphone pioneer Lionel Hampton.

The concert will begin at 5 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at ArtTix by calling (801) 355-ARTS (2787). They can also be purchased at the door.