A South Salt Lake mother and her three children were in their two-story home at 52 E. White Place Thursday when a microburst pushed a 20-foot cottonwood tree through their house about 4:45 p.m.

Three blocks away, 20 people were evacuated from a four-plex after the same storm caused extensive roof damage by dropping a huge tree branch on the residence at 252 E. Crestone.The storm caused 49 mph wind gusts in Sandy and dropped hail in the Avenues, said Larry Nierenberg, meteorologist at the National Weather Service. The storm downed power lines throughout the county, but did not cause any injuries.

"They (the mother and kids) were pretty lucky," said Sgt. Beau Babka, spokesman for South Salt Lake Police Department.

The cottonwood tree continued to settle on the house after the wind storm passed and caused severe structural damage to the home. If the tree continues to settle, the home will be a total loss, said Babka.

Damage to the four-plex was estimated at less than $10,000.