There's a big difference between an iguana and a Nile monitor lizard.

The former wandered into Harding Glass, 1135 N. State St., Thursday afternoon prompting police to call the owner of the latter that was reported missing Wednesday. One look at the 4-foot long reptile told the monitor owner it wasn't his. Monitors are twice as big and twice as thick as iguanas.That means that not one but three monitor lizards that escaped from a backyard at 191 E. 600 North are still on the loose. The owner's 3-year-old son apparently unlatched the cage in which the appropriately named Goliath, Titan and Gargantua live. The carnivorous lizards, which are considered aggressive, are three to five feet long.

There have been no reported sightings of the lost monitors, Orem Police Lt. Bob Conner said Friday morning. The iguana wasn't reported missing.

"It's kind of an oddity. We're missing three and we find one and it's not the one we're looking for," he said.

The owners are continuing to beat the bushes in their neighborhood for the missing pets.

And the iguana? It's waiting at the Orem animal shelter for a ride home.