I am writing in regard to the "Titanic" issue that surrounds the theater in American Fork. While I sympathize with the concerns parents have on providing appropriate movies for children to watch, I must take exception with editing out objectionable content of any movie.

First copyright infringement is the law, not just something nice to do if you feel like it. Perhaps someone could edit the Book of Mormon for objectionable material, not even change the name, and print it as real. Or even better, take a John Waters movie, i.e. "Pink Flamingos," and edit it down to 30 seconds. Secondly, and to me more important, is the content that they object to. Specifically, Kate Winslet's (can I say it?) bare breasts. I would rather explain to my children why we see her breasts than why children died in a graphic manner in the movie. It has been oft repeated but bears mention. If you don't like what is on screen, then don't watch it. It is so simple that even I can figure it out.John Loertscher

South Jordan