SJR10 is a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November that would require a two-thirds majority before any wildlife ballot measure can become law.

This amendment says Utahns lack the intelligence to figure out, let alone decide, issues at the voting booth. If our ability to deal with wildlife management can be legitimately questioned, then perhaps we're not intelligent enough to decide how we want to educate our children or have a say on how our tax money should be spent. Maybe we're just not smart enough to vote at all.A person's view on how our wildlife should be managed is not the issue, it's our freedom to vote on issues that concern us.

A yes vote on SJR10 is to say "Yes, I want to hand over more power to our politicians. Yes, I want less access to our government." A no vote is to say, loud and clear, "We as a people, whatever our opinions may be, have a right to voice what is important to us." Vote no to keep our freedoms intact.

Barbara Germain

Cedar City