After five years of attempting to have the noise ordinance upheld during rock concerts at the State Fairgrounds, the system has finally worked, and someone with authority heeded our petitions.

Thanks to the efforts of City Councilman Carlton Christensen, who engaged the mayor's office in solving this problem, the noise ordinance was finally enforced during the concert July 11. Thanks also to Marge Harvey from Mayor Deedee Corradini's office for her willingness to work with us and follow through to ensure that our rights would not be violated again.While we still had to endure the insufferable noise for a couple of hours, her previous efforts to make sure everything was in place for the ordinance to be obeyed finally paid off with the health department doing its job and the police department showing a courteous response and a willingness to do its part, finally.

The toning down, way down, was very much appreciated. (It is interesting to note that the concert reviewers made no mention of the volume being turned down. Evidently those that paid to hear were able to hear.) The sad note to this is that before, as private citizens, our complaints about these violations, with one or two exceptions, were disregarded.

Besides having to hear the horrendously loud music, we have been forced to endure repetitive loud bass sounds for long periods of time (another singular violation) and the shouting of obscenities in the name of free speech.

Thanks again to Marge Harvey and to Christensen for taking action and seeing that the ordinance was enforced.

Janice B. Smith

Salt Lake City