Police are looking for an assailant who allegedly held his girlfriend captive Tuesday and beat her with a belt and curling iron cord.

The woman, 19, suffered bruises and lacerations during the attacks, South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Beau Babka said. The man, 34, held the women for five hours in the couple's apartment on West Stratford Avenue (2600 South). He woke the woman about 1 a.m. and started to beat her, she told police."She was beaten throughout the morning with a variety of weapons," Babka said. "The boyfriend used fists, a belt and the cord of a curling iron . . . He beat her on the head with a garbage can."

The woman managed to get out of the apartment while the man was in the bathroom about 6 a.m. Two men passing by saw her scream-ing and notified police.

The boyfriend left before officers arrived, Babka said. Paramedics took the woman to Cottonwood Hospital, where she was treated and released. The woman's daughter was in the apartment during the incident but wasn't hurt.

Police were looking for the man but had not found him by Tuesday night.