What has our governor done for Utah? The state is going through an unprecedented growth period, yet all our governor seems to be doing is showing up at photo opps, i.e., the opening of 2700 South overpass, the grand opening of the Hard Rock Cafe, SLOC (where apparently he has no comment until he confers with his staff) and the kickoff of the legacy highway.

He travels a lot, yet unlike our mayor, he never seems to bring back anything to Utah. (Federal money, etc.) He was in Europe not long ago trying to figure out how to tax sales on the Internet. That's something all Utahns want. And let's not forget his infamous "get out the vote" fiasco.Now it seems we are going to have a surplus. Has he come forward and suggested what to do with it? Why not give some of it to the victims of I-15 construction. And I don't mean everyone in Utah. I'm talking about all businesses who are about to go under because of lack of business. Or at least use some to pay for all the broken and damaged windshields.

I really do not expect him to come forward with any earth-shattering ideas. I doubt he's ever had an original idea. But maybe, just maybe, he could lead or direct something. He has yet to comment on the obstacle course known as the roads along the Wasatch Front.

Of course I-15 is ahead of schedule. They had better be. They can close anything at any time for as long as they want. Instead of giving the $5 million bonus to Wasatch Contractors, why not give it to the businesses?

What a slap in the face to them and all the people using these roads. Also wasn't 600 North to be opened in April of this year?

Far be it from our governor to come forward and even attempt to coordinate all the road construction along the Wasatch Front. Who is leading our state? What is our governor doing for the people of Utah?

Let's hope come election time enough of us citizens will remember who did what during these times, and not base our vote on future promises.

Mike Picardi

Salt Lake City