A classic woodworking company in Orem is making it possible for homeowners to install a piece of the past - with only a hammer, some nails and a three-piece kit.

Best Woods Products, a year-old company, says it can change the environment of your home with its three-piece kit that includes two columns and a pediment. The kit can be used for casing on doors, windows or fireplaces."There's no easier way to change the environment of your home," said Kim Best, president of Best Woods. "The idea is that the homeowner or finished carpenter simply nails it in place."

Eleven basic woodworking styles are available, from traditional to country alder to traditional oak. Best Woods will build for any size door, even custom doors. The product comes raw so the homeowner can paint or stain it.

"Our goal is to bring back the classic art of woodworking and beauty into America's homes," Best said. "Classic woodwork had become a dying art only a few wealthy homeowners could afford."

He said it is difficult to find a classic woodworker these days. And if one can be found, their on-site work is expensive. By manufacturing classic woodworking, Best said it costs less.

Before the company was formed, Best spent hours adorning his home with classic columns and pediments he created. He even created the casings for his neighbor's home.

"I want this in my home," was a phrase that Best often heard from people who visited his home.

Just over a year ago, Best decided to make his hobby his job. After losing his job at Novell, his classic woodworking was the first thing that came to his mind.

"After searching my soul, I realized that my new goal in life was to bring classic woodworking to American homes," he said.

Now his neighbors can install the product that Best claims is a one-of-a-kind. His work has been highlighted in homes featured in the Parade of Homes. In this year's show, 15 of the 25 homes used Best's work. Many of the homes in the Salt Lake show will also feature Best's casings.

While a standard door casing cost around $20, a Best Woods door casing will run from $60 to $90. The kits are sold in 35 stores in Utah. The company recently signed a contract to provide the kits to Home Depot.

The products are manufactured in Riverton, and a few are manufactured in American Fork.

"We put our hearts and souls into our products, we build them to last a lifetime and sell them for a fair price," Best said.