A boy riding a bicycle was trapped beneath a car that dragged him several feet. He was rescued when four witnesses lifted the car enough to allow him to crawl clear.

"It was just something that needed to be done," said Gilbert Vela, one of the four men who picked up the 2,400-pound vehicle long enough for the teen to get out from under it Tuesday.Abraham Villa, 13, was able to walk about on his own shortly after being freed but collapsed in shock moments later. Severely bruised with cuts, scrapes and puncture wounds, he was in fair condition later at a Scottsdale hospital.

Brad Armstrong, a photographer for The Tribune newspaper, which serves suburban Phoenix, heard a scream and then saw a car driving out of a parking lot while an arm waved frantically from beneath it.

"I started running down the street screaming for this guy to stop," said Abraham, 44. Then he ran inside an auto parts store yelling for help.

Vela, who was behind the counter, and two customers accompanied Armstrong to the car. He and Armstrong said there was no discussion when they reached it, they just all grabbed onto it and lifted.

"Then someone said, `He's clear,' and we just dropped it," Armstrong said.

The driver, Lyle Saichkin, 19, of Chandler, was cited for failing to yield, police said.