Par 5

Yardage: 557/Black; 548/Blue; 501/White; 466/RedHandicap: 2/Mens; 2/Ladies

Layout: Park Meadows' signature hole is one of the most intriguing holes in the state with island in middle of large lake tempting golfers to hit there to shorten the hole. A play to the left requires a layup in and a shot to a shallow green.

Short and sweet: Until last year, it used to be No. 6 for the Senior tournament and didn't have the same impact on the tournament as it does now.

Professionally speaking: "There are a million different ways to play this hole. It's a risk/reward tee shot and you need to hit it 265 to carry to the island from the back tees and 240 from the middle. If you go left, you can hit 4-iron, 4-iron, wedge. The pin placement determines a lot on how you play the hole. Sometimes you may have a 20-foot landing area with water in front and a bunker behind. It's a heck of a hole." - Gerry Lakey, assistant pro, Park Meadows

Tee-to-green - Off the tee: You have to make a choice whether to go left, the safe way, or try to land on the island, which gives you a better shot at making the green in two. A trap in the middle of the island complicates matters.

2nd shot: It depends on where your tee shot ends up. If you go left, you'll have to lay up in two and most golfers can hit as hard as they want and still not reach the water in two. From the island, it will be a couple of hundred yards to clear the water and there is grass to work with in front of the green.

On the green: The green is quite shallow, especially when aproached from the left and hard putts from the back could roll all the way to the water.