The Clinton administration has designated 14 U.S. rivers as "Heritage Rivers," qualifying them for federal restoration money.

Each river listed Monday will be assigned a "river navigator," a federal employee who will help communities identify available federal programs and grants. Cities and towns along these rivers will be able to tap programs to help fight pollution, build greenways and paths and protect watersheds.The 14 are: the Cuyahoga River in Ohio; the Blackstone and Woonasquatucket Rivers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island; the Lower Mississippi River in Louisiana and Tennessee; the Upper Susquehanna and Lackawanna Rivers in Pennsylvania; the Connecticut River, from northern New Hampshire to Long Island Sound; the Detroit River in Michigan; the Hanalei River in Hawaii; the Hudson River in New York; the New River in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia; the Rio Grande in Texas; the Potomac River in the mid-Atlantic region; the St. Johns River in Florida; the Upper Mississippi River, from Minnesota to Illinois; and the Willamette River in Oregon.