Two traffic accidents within 15 minutes of each other Monday night snarled traffic for nearly an hour as the eight cars involved were cleared away.

Two people involved in the accidents were treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and released, said Murray Police Sgt. Gerry Christensen.Six cars collided in heavy traffic at 700 East and 4800 South at 7 p.m. One car sideswiped one vehicle and rear-ended another. This triggered the collision of three cars in another lane, Christensen said.

At about 7:15 p.m., another collision involving two cars occurred at 700 East and 4600 South while traffic was backed up from the first accident. A vehicle attempting to pull out of an apartment complex was broadsided by another vehicle.

Three cars were towed away from the first accident with wreckers, and both were towed from the second accident. Damage estimates to the vehicles involved are unknown.

Traffic was shut off along 700 East at the Van Winkle Expressway and 4500 South while crews worked at the accident scenes, Christensen said.