A man drove into a Salt Lake County deputy and tossed children's play furniture at him while trying to escape authorities Monday.

Deputies spotted the man, 34, driving over a walking trail in a Magna field, 3360 S. 8575 West. They pulled him over, but the man stepped on the gas when deputies tried to talk to him, Sgt. Ken Patrick said.Deputy Henry Beltran was hit by the car but not injured. The man led authorities on a short chase that ended when the man ran into a street sign on 3500 South and about 8500 West.

"He crashed into the street sign and tried to back out, but the squad cars blocked him," Patrick said. "So he jumped out and tried to get away on foot."

Deputies chased him to a yard a few feet away that had children's furniture sitting in front. He threw the furniture at the deputies before he was tackled and handcuffed, Patrick said.

The Clinton man was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of resisting arrest and aggravated assault. Deputies aren't sure yet why the man was driving in the field or why he tried to escape.