For 50 bucks, you, too, can journey into outer space. At least a piece of you can.

A company called Encounter 2001 is offering 4.5 million people the chance to send their DNA and a personal message in a rocket that will be sent toward Jupiter and, with luck, someday will reach another solar system.Encounter 2001 is an affiliate of Houston-based Celestis Inc., which launched a few ounces of drug guru Timothy Leary's ashes into orbit this year.

So far, 4,000 people have signed up, said Charles Chafer, president of Encounter.

Jason Klass, 43, wants to include his hair samples and a special CD containing songs from a musical he co-wrote with his girl-friend.

"We can't have children, and in a deep philosophical way this may be one way for my genetic makeup to live on, with a minute chance that it might be recovered by another species and we might be re-created," he said. "And I could fall in love with my girlfriend all over again on another planet."