With more than 10,000 mutual funds now on the market, it's no wonder many investors are confused about which ones to choose.

We sorted through the funds to identify top performers, then assembled these exemplary funds into portfolios - groups of funds that work well together.Today's column provides a portfolio of funds for readers investing for retirement more than 10 years in the future. Subsequent columns will offer portfolios for goals seven to 10 years away, shorter-term goals and income.

This portfolio calls for putting all your long-term money into stocks. Following are funds to use (with the percentage of your assets to allocate to each fund, and its phone number, in parentheses):

- Artisan International (25 percent, 1-800-344-1770) is a 2-year-old fund, but manager Mark Yockey, 41, had a good record managing money elsewhere, and he has done well with this fund.

- Berger New Generation (20 percent, 1-800-259-2820 or www.bergerfunds.com), a year-old fund, invests in fast-growing, mostly small stocks that manager William Keithler, 45, thinks are introducing revolutionary products and services.

- Harbor Capital Appreciation (15 percent, 1-800-422-1050) returned an annualized 20.3 percent over the past five years. Manager Spiros "Sig" Segalas, 63, buys stocks of large companies with growing earnings.

- Selected American Share (20 percent, 1-800-243-1575 or www.selectedfunds.com) is one of only 13 funds to outperform Standard and Poor's 500-stock index three years running. Manager is Chris Davis, 32.

- Westcore Small-cap Opportunity (20 percent, 1-800-392-2673 or www.westcore.com) seeks undervalued stocks of small companies. Manager is Varilyn Schock, 36.