The City Council wants the time of day to usher in the new millennium.

It plans to construct a 20-foot high clock tower at Clinton City Park as the city's millennium project to usher in the year 2000."We will be using all volunteer funds," City Manager Dennis Cluff said.

The clock tower's cost is estimated at $35,000. The city hopes to have the funding by fall. It plans on heavily promoting donations next month during the Heritage Days celebration Aug. 10-15.

The council wants families to donate $100 each and businesses to donate $500 toward the clock project. In return, a plaque at the bottom of the tower will list the names of the donors.

Cluff said several city businesses have already donated as much as $1,000 toward the project.

"What we need now are families to donate," Cluff said.

He said the tower would have a clock on four sides. It would be on 1800 North, along the middle of the park, near 1700 West where the clock could be seen from both the road and park.

"It'll be a modernistic looking clock," Cluff said. "We'd like to get it done next year."

Councilman Dennis Simonsen is in charge of the project. Families or businesses wanting to donate can do so at City Hall, 1906 W. 1800 North. More information is available by calling City Hall at 774-2600.