A poster showing a skull and crossbones and the legend "Warning, the KKK is watching you" was posted on a church six weeks before it was burned down, a church official testified Tuesday.

A jury of nine blacks and three whites is being asked to determine whether the torching of the predominantly black Macedonia Baptist Church was the work of the Ku Klux Klan or of four men acting alone.The church seeks unspecified damages for the fire on June 21, 1995. Four former Klansmen are in federal prison after admitting their involvement in the fire and in other crimes.

The poster was stapled to a church door about six weeks before the blaze that destroyed the 125-year-old church.

In 1994, posters for Klan rallies began appearing around the county. "People started to become really afraid. People were afraid to let their kids go out," a local man said.