The family of Richard Nixon said Saturday it received an apology from CNN for linking the late president to a now-retracted report that the U.S. military killed defectors during the Vietnam War by using sarin nerve gas.

Nixon's foundation released a July 23 letter in which CNN Chairman Tom Johnson apologized for the controversial report of Nixon's alleged involvement."We have retracted the story and I apologized to CNN's viewers, to Time Magazine (where our report also appeared), and to the personnel of Operation Tailwind," Johnson wrote to the family of Nixon, who died in 1994. "We also owe an apology to President Nixon and his family for this report."

In the letter, Johnson noted that CNN broadcast a News-Stand segment "which said that the use of sarin gas on an `Operation Tailwind' mission in Laos in 1970 `would have to come from the Nixon White House.' "

CNN and Time Magazine earlier retracted the report after an internal investigation concluded the June 7 broadcast on the Tailwind operation could not be supported.

"President Nixon was directly implicated in it and that was a concern," said Evie Lazzarino, a spokeswoman for the Richard Nixon Library. "We are certainly pleased that the record has been set straight," she added.