Keiko (KAY-ko) Takizawa, 32, is a reporter with the Shimin Times in Matsumoto, Japan. She was in Utah to cover a delegation of dignitaries from her city who were here to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Matsumoto's sister city relationship with Salt Lake City.

Takizawa is a native of Matsumoto, growing up with two siblings and parents who are owners and operators of a local Chinese restaurant. While she majored in law at a small college (so small, in fact, that the only two majors available were law and economics), she decided to go into journalism because "it was easy."One wonders what law would have been like; on a typical work day at the Shimin Times, Takizawa arrives at work at 9 a.m. and leaves at 7 or 8 p.m., producing two or three stories a day.

One thing Takizawa found interesting during her visit to Utah: the huge portions served at restaurants and the patrons' ability to actually eat them.

Takizawa was scheduled to leave Utah today for Boston and Philadelphia to cover some Matsumoto-related events and then to New York City for a short sightseeing vacation. She was especially interested in going up the Empire State Building.