I'm outraged at a Utahns for Choice mailing I received today. While I'm an eager supporter of First Amendment rights, these folks have decided to put my name and hundreds or even thousands of others on their list of proponents if their letter is not responded to. I think that's wrong. Many of us don't want to put the postage on their envelope just to keep our names off their list, and I surely don't want to be on their list.

The last thing they say in their mailing is, "if we don't hear from you, we will add your name to our pro-choice voter list, but know that we'd like to hear from you and make you our newest member."If they don't hear from me. I'm sorry but this pro-choice thing often amounts to infanticide. You know, murdering human babies. I called them and they do in fact put unsolicited names on their mailing list and will only let you off the list if you demand it. Not a great idea, folks.

David Draper

Salt Lake City