Mount Graham has steep drop-offs, rough shale and bushy vegetation, wildcats, wolves and other predators.

It can be a frightening place to be lost - but someone forgot to tell that to 3-year-old Trent Richardson.Rescuers on Friday found the Mesa boy after he survived a night alone on the southeastern Arizona peak. Rescuers were dumbfounded to find him singing and perched atop a boulder with a baby bottle in hand.

"It was a high-pitched voice, the kind that only belonged to a kid or a female. We knew that no matter what, we had to find it," said Patrick Sexton, search and rescue coordinator for Greenlee County.

The boy strayed from an annual family reunion Thursday afternoon while his father chopped wood at the Ash Creek-Columbine camping area.

Helicopters, hikers and men with hounds came out to search, but the boy could not be found.

At dawn more deputies joined in, and a group of them heard singing from about 450 yards above. They climbed the mountainside and called the child's name, but Trent would stop humming and hide when he heard their voices.

Rescuers found the boy shortly after 7:30 a.m., his blanket spread beneath bushes sheltered by a boulder. He was seated on the rock, humming happy gibberish, about two miles from where his father had last seen him.

"He acted upset that we were even there. A little kid like that has no concept of being lost," Sexton said.