I am infuriated by a letter recently delivered to my home, sent by an organization called Utahns For Choice. This letter, soliciting supporters and funds, ended with the following note:

"P.S. Just as a reminder, if we don't hear from you, we will add your name to our pro-choice voter list, but know that we'd like to hear from you and make you our newest member."The following text is my response to this organization:

Of all the low-down dirty tricks. I feel that you have stooped to the lowest level possible in an attempt to increase your membership rolls.

I can understand your wanting to solicit supporters to your cause, and I can understand your sending out mailers in an attempt to do so. These are rights we enjoy as Utahns and as Americans. But the P.S. that was added at the end of your letter is the kicker.

My wife and I do not support "pro-choice" as your organization defines it and do not want our names tarnished by having them added to your rolls or in any way associated with your cause or organization. It is wrong, immoral and, I would hope, illegal for a person's name to be added to any list supporting any cause without that person's written consent.

I am left to believe that you feel this is the only way for you to increase your membership rolls in a state where most people will see the logo at the top of the page and then throw your letter away without reading it. I will support any effort against "Utahns for Choice" that may result from your using peoples' names in this way without their knowl-edge.

Lest any questions remain, the names listed below are not to be added to your membership/supporter rolls or associated in any way with your organization.

Brent Mullins

Linda Mullins

West Jordan