Call letters are the bread and butter of radio stations. In April, I did a look at what many Utah radio call letters stand for.

However, I missed some and thanks to Joey Santarelli of KTUR, here's "Call Letters II":KSOS (AM-800) - The Federal Communications Commission was reluctant to grant these S-O-S call letters for obvious reasons. However, at one time in the 1980s, the station had the call letters KSEX. Not surprisingly, those call letters weren't promoted. They were later sold to a station back east, though today I can't find a current station that is using those controversial call letters.

KTUR (AM-1010) - These call letters don't stand for "Tooele, Utah Radio," even though the station is licensed to Tooele. They actually represent the first three letters of the license holder's last name - Turley.

KMRI (AM-1550) - Stands for "Miracle Rock Church," the current owner.

KRCL (FM-90.9) - Represents "Listeners Community Radio," though the call letters have to be read backward for that interpretation.

KURF (FM-91.7) - "Utah's Family Radio."

KFMD FM-95.7, Delta) - "FM Delta" is the representation.

KURR (FM-99.1, FM-99.5) - Stands for "Utah's Real Rock" and/or "Utah's Rock and Roll."

KGNT (FM-103.9, Smithfield) - An abbreviation of "The Giant."

KMTI (FM-105.7, Manti) - Represents Manti.

KSTU (Today's FOX-TV, Ch. 13) - These call letters were originally issued to an upcoming Davis County FM station in the 1970s that never got off the ground.

- KOSY (FM-106.5) - "Faith and Families Report," the newest public affairs radio series by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will be heard in its entirety on the station.

Beginning Sunday, July 26 and going weekly for 14 weeks, KOSY will air all 14 half-hour documentaries in series from 6:30-7 a.m. each Sunday.

- FEEDBACK, the Sunday public affairs how on Jacor radio stations (KALL, KODJ, KKAT and KURR), will have special guest Peter David, comic book author, on its July 26, 6 p.m., show.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - The Bob Lee Show on KNRS (AM-570) will broadcast live from This is the Place State Park, Friday, July 24, 4-7 p.m. . . . "Johnson and Johnson" on KUBL Monday interviewed the winner of the Q-Lube contest for an Alaskan fishing trip with Karl Malone . . . "Simon and Brady" on KBEE Monday had "Psychic Alice" answer more listener questions . . .

"The Z-Morning Zoo" on KZHT Monday played another "Gender Wars" game . . . Mick, Allen and Roxy of the "Freak Show" on KURR continue their tradition of "Joke of the Day" . . , "Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN-FM Monday gave away Sundance Theater tickets to lucky listeners . . . Tom Barberi on KALL said Tuesday Rush Limbaugh is a DJ - an entertainer - and not a talk show host. Barberi also discussed health care for senior citizens . . .

KBER is 12 years old this month and gave away another Harley Davidson motorcycle, like last year, in a special birthday contest. The twist this year was that the station staged the state's largest "Musical Chairs Competition" and the winner got the cycle . . .

"Mr. Twister" on the Jon Carter show on KRSP Tuesday discussed his family, which strangely enough sounded a lot like "The Simpsons" . . . Jimmy Chunga on KENZ Tuesday had another of his "Community College Pop Quizes," with pizza as the prize.