Alta View Hospital-

ADAMS, Tabatha and Dwight, Midvale, boy, July 16.

BERRETT, Amy and Mike, West Valley City, girl, July 18.

BOYOLA, Tanna and Andres, Draper, boy, July 17.

BURNS, Tina and Marty, Sandy, boy, July 18.

COPE, April and Dave, Sandy, boy, July 17.

DESPAIN, Becky and James, Sandy, boy, July 17.

DRAKE, Kristi and Mark, South Jordan, girl, July 18.

GRAHAM, Mindy and Michael, Lehi, boy, July 19.

JENSEN, Mikell and Dennis, Ivins, Washington County, girl, July 20.

JOHANSON, Carol and Jeffery, South Jordan, boy, July 16.

JONES, Jenny and Warren, Sandy, girl, July 17.

MADRIGAL, Lori and Rick, Sandy, girl, July 21.

McSHINSKY, Libby and Philip, Draper, boy, July 17.

MEIER-KRAUS, Alisa and Michael, Sandy, boy, July 16.

NIELSON, Robin, Annabella, Sevier County, girl, July 20.

NORMAN, Russell and Jan, Sandy, girl, July 17.

ROSS, Deanne and Troy, South Jordan, boy, July 20.

RYAN, Heidi and Eric, Salt Lake City, boy, July 16.

STOCKWELL, Kara and Matt, Sandy, boy, July 20.

TOLLEY, Adrianna and Kraig, West Jordan, boy, July 19.

WILKERSON, Marinda and Dallas, Salt Lake City, boy, July 20.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

BRETON, Mandee and Edgar, Salt Lake City, girl, July 20.

COBARRUBIAS, Bernadette, and SCYRUS, David, Salt Lake City, boy, July 21.

DIXON, Jennifer and James, Salt Lake City, girl, July 21.

DOBSON, Misty and Gregory, Salt Lake City, girl, July 19.

DUNYON, Kristy and James, West Valley City, girl, July 20.

EDWARDS, Kelli and Michael, Sandy, girl, July 20.

FULLER, Mary and Gene, Salt Lake City, boy, July 21.

GITTINS, Nicole and Russell, West Jordan, boy, July 21.

GREEN, Jamey and Patrick, Salt Lake City, boy, July 20.

HALES, April and Mark, Kearns, girl, July 21.

HANSEN, Tatia and Donald, Sandy, girl, July 21.

HORTON, Janelle and Rodney, Salt Lake City, girl, July 21.

SANTOS, Heidi and Omar, Taylorsville, boy, July 21.

STEPHENS, Onna and Travis, Tooele, girl, July 20.

VREDENBURG, Nicole, and CORBETT, David, Murray, girl, July 19.

WHITECOTTON, Melissa and Joseph, West Jordan, girl, July 21.

WOODBURY, Heidi and Todd, Salt Lake City, girl, July 20.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BIESINGER, Hiroko and William, Salt Lake City, girl, July 21.

BOURNE, Amy and Travis, Riverton, girl, July 20.

DELANEY, Tamera and David, Salt Lake City, boy, July 21.

DUNCAN, Pamela and Dustin, Salt Lake City, girl, July 20.

JESSOP, Jenny and Joel, West Jordan, girl, July 20.

JOHNSON, Amy and Galen, Salt Lake City, girl, July 20.

KALODIMOS, Melinda and Joseph, Sandy, boy, July 21.

KNUTESON, Brandi, and NIELSEN, Treavor, Magna, girl, July 21.

TRAN, Wendi and Jonathan, West Jordan, boy, July 20.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

AGNEW, Tina and Michael, Hill AFB, girl, July 13.

ANDERSON, Alexia, and MOSS, Jeremy, Clearfield, boy, July 8.

BAKER, Kendra and Joseph, Layton, boy, July 8.

BUYS, Kim and Robert, West Jordan, girl, July 13.

EDWARDS, Kerilyn and Scott, Farmington, girl, July 8.

GARCIA, Veronica, and FLORES, Elsario, Clearfield, boy, July 7.

GREEN, Kristy and R. Brandon, Layton, twin girls, July 9.

GUTIERREZ, Jennifer and Pat, Clinton, boy, July 6.

LAPPIN, Shonna and Langdon, Layton, boy, July 13.

MARTINEZ, Amanda, and NUNEZ, David, Layton, girl, July 11.

MAXFIELD, Cory and David, Layton, boy, July 6.

MURPHY, Marcia and E. Todd, West Point, girl, July 8.

NELSON, Jamie, Sunset, boy, July 8.

NIELSON, Renee and Kevin, Fruit Heights, girl, July 15.

ODER, Laura and Joseph, Hill AFB, boy, July 13.

POLL, Mandy and Travis, Clinton, boy, July 8.

REEDER, Suzy and Rob, Sunset, boy, July 9.

REID, Jamie and Curtis, Clearfield, girl, July 12.

ROGERS, Hawley and Ross, Kaysville, girl, July 11.

SNOWBALL, Lori and Don, Layton, boy, July 8.

STEEL, Maureen and Curtis, Clinton, girl, July 9.

STEWART, Leslie and Brian, Clearfield, boy, July 14.

STRONG, Cathy and Michael, Roy, girl, July 13.

STRONG, Stacy and Shawn, Layton, girl, July 13.

THORPE, Maggie aNd Rett, Layton, boy, July 12.

WOODIN, Richilyn and Jay, Clearfield, boy, July 14.

ZIMMER, Robyn and Eric, Clearfield, girl, July 14.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

ADAMS, Nadine and Kyle, Bluffdale, boy, July 18.

BANGETER, Laura and Bryce, West Valley City, girl, July 21.

BINGHAM, Sonja and Tim, Sandy, boy, July 17.

BOYD, Kimberly and Tracy, Sandy, girl, July 17.

EARL, Mellissa, and TAVAREZ, Kevin, South Jordan, girl, July 17.

GAYLER, Lisa and Ken, Bluffdale, girl, July 19.

GUBLER, Carolyn and Bryce, Riverton, boy, July 18.

JONES, Marjorie and Christopher, Kearns, boy, July 17.

McCALEB, Alicia, West Jordan, girl, July 20.

MORTIMER, Shelly and Don, Bluffdale, boy, July 15.

NORTH, Wendy and Troy, Sandy, boy, July 18.

SANCHEZ, Celia and Nestor, West Jordan, girl, July 21.

TORMEY, Kristin and Thomas, Lindon, girl, July 17.

WATSON, Suzanne and Geoffrey, Draper, boy, July 19.

WOLFLY, Angie and Joe, West Valley City, girl, July 20.